Handcrafted guitars for the professional musician.


Newman Guitars Handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality for the professional musician.

Email:  sales@newmanguitars.net

Gitars in processEmail:  ales@newmanguitars.net

Rumble Seat Music In Nashville, TN is our chosen dealer for available guitars. http://rumbleseatmusic.com/portfolio-item-category/newman/

Newman Guitars are available in 5 and 6 String versions.  Cutaway is the Ted Newman Jones Model, 3D Model carved top, and the non-cutaway is the KR Model.  We offer custom colors and Vintage Natural finishes.  Send your custom order inquiries to sales@newmanguitars.net

JESSE TAYLOR TRIBUTE MODELS ARE $3,799 with 50% down to build and available as a special order.

We are very pleased to offer Seymour Duncan, Sentell, Lollar and Harden Switchblade pickups at a $200.00 upgrade.  Jimmy Wallace PAF's add $400.00.

In stock:  http://rumbleseatmusic.com/portfolio-item-category/newman/

Newman 6 String:   Coral Sand/Thunderbird Gray with Lindly P90's:  http://rumbleseatmusic.com/portfolio-item/newman-coral-sand/

Legacy Neck Thru Models:

 #1 of 10 Legacy Flamed Cherry Neck Thru 6 String:  In Stock at http://rumbleseatmusic.com/portfolio-item/newman-legacy-1-10-trans-white/

#3 of 10 Natural Waterfall Bubinga Top, Flamed Cherry Neck Thru body, Curly Maple Board 6 String:  In Stock http://rumbleseatmusic.com/portfolio-item/newman-legacy-3-10-bubinga/




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