Ted Newman Jones Legacy Continues

Handcrafted in the USA

Newman Guitars offer 5 and 6 String Electric Guitars Handcrafted in the USA. 

Guitars in process

Newman Guitars are available in 5 and 6 String versions.  Cutaway is the Ted Newman Jones Model and the non-cutaway is the KR Model.  We offer custom colors and Vintage Natural finishes.  Pricing for both Models 5 and 6 start at $2,499 and requires a 50% deposit.  Deposits can be sent PayPal to sales@newmanguitars.net

We are very pleased to offer Lollar and Harden Switchblade pickups at a $200.00 upgrade.  Jimmy Wallace PAF's add $400.00.

In stock:

TNJ 5 string Purple Eggpland Cadzilla- Serial Number 5-0001:  In Stock:  https://reverb.com/item/5215305-newman-serial-5-0001-ted-newman-jones-model-5-string-2017-eggplant-indigo-purple

TNJ 5 string Black - Serial 5-0002:  In process and available

Ted Newman Jones Legacy Models:

#1 of 10 Legacy Flamed Cherry Neck Thru 6 String:  In Stock:  https://reverb.com/item/2587856-1-of-10-legacy-model-flamed-cherry-neck-thru

#2 of 10 Legacy Cherry 5 String Neck Thru Trans White:  In Stockhttps://reverb.com/item/6345201-legacy-model-2-of-10-is-a-5-string-2017-mary-kaye-white-finish

#3 of 10 Natural Waterfall Bubinga Top, Curly Maple Board 6 String:  In process and available

#4 of 10 **SOLD**

elow for whats in stock

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