Handcrafted guitars for the professional musician.


Newman Guitars Handcrafted in the USA of the highest quality for the professional musician.

  Newman Guitars was established in Austin, TX in 1978.  The company got their start from Ted Newman Jones who was a pioneer of design and guitar building techniques.  He began building guitars for Keith Richards in 1971. Ted and Keith designed the first five string open "G" guitar during the 1972 Rolling Stones U.S. Tour for Exile on Mainstreet. Ted built guitars and worked for Keith Richards exclusively from 1972 to 1978.  While working for Keith, Ted came up with the distinctive body and headstock shape which have renowned throughout the world.  Ted showed interest in setting up shop in Austin, TX.  When Ted left Keith as his guitar tech/builder to establish the shop on 4th Street in downtown Austin, Keith was gracious and funded the start up of Ted's first shop. 

At his Austin shop, he built guitars for Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, James Honeyman-Scott, Willie Nelson, Billy Gibbons, George Jones, Lucinda Williams, Jesse Taylor, Rick Richards and a long list of others. He catered to the special needs of the artist and knew the importance of the musician to be inspired by his instrument. Teds' balanced body style and unique Asymmetrical "V" neck carve have made Newman Guitars legendary.  In recent years, Jeff Smith worked to bring Newman Guitars into modern times with more refined building methods to insure consistent quality and customization options for the professional musician.  By 1978, the body shape and design elements were complete.  The Newman Body Design is timeless and modern 40 + years later.  Look at our Ambigram logo and you'll see there's nothing like a Newman!